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Did you know that MCPS subscribes to a number of subscription based online services like Encyclopaedia Britannica!? All MCPS students can use these services The list of online services is at the link below and you can request usernames and passwords to these sites from our media specialist -
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Puzzled by the Math Curriculum 2.0 Strategies?
Advocacy Contacts
There are many educational issues each year that come up in front of our legislators. Sometimes, MCCPTA and the TMES PTA urge your participation in an e-mail or phone calling campaign to let our legislators know how you feel about certain education related legislation.

Here is an Advocacy Cheat Sheet

TMES is in the following districts:
Congressional district 6
Maryland District 39
County District 3, and
Board of Education District 2

Make your Government Reps work for your vote!!

US Senators
Chris Van Hollen
Share your opinions online
on twitter: @ChrisVanHollen
on FB: Chris Van Hollen
and by phone: (301) 545-1500
Ben Cardin
Share your opinions: online
on twitter: @SenatorCardin
on FB: SenatorBenCardin
and by phone: (301) 762-2974
US House or Representatives
John Delaney
on Twitter: @RepJohnDelaney
on Facebook: CongressmanJohnDelaney
and : e-mail
Governor of Maryland
Governor Larry Hogan
on Twitter: @LarryHogan
on Facebook: Governor Larry Hogan
and : e-mail
MD House of Delegates
District 39 Charles Barkley: 301-858-3001
Kirill Reznik: 301-858-3039
Shane Robinson:301-337-7284
MD Senate
District 39 Nancy King: 301-858-3686
Montgomery County Council
District 2
Email Craig Rice
District 3
Email Sidney Katz