Thurgood Marshall Elementary School PTA

Save the date: March 14 – 18, 2022

We use Fill the Beak Week as our spring fundraiser so that you don’t have to sell anything! No wrapping paper or candy etc. Not only is it a relief not to have to sell anything, the kids really enjoy Beak week and get super competitive. (Kids have been known to organize their class to try and win a particular day/prize!) On top of the convenience and fun, 100 percent of the money raised goes towards the PTA’s fundraising goals. If we went back to selling wrapping paper, we would only get a percentage of the money raised. I’d say that Beak week is win-win-win!!

**Donations to the TMES PTA are Tax Deductible, but we can only provide receipts for checks and PayPal donations as we cannot verify the origin of coins and cash.


Shera Sacks –
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