Thurgood Marshall Elementary School PTA

April 11th

Place: TMES All-Purpose Room
Date: April 11th
Time: 7:00 – 8:30 in the APR

***Important to note: 3-5th grade “Invention Convention” projects are submitted to your child’s teacher, but Science EXPO projects are NOT. Please bring your child’s project to school on the evening of April 11th, between 6:45 and 7:00 to set up.

Submit your Registration Forms by March 11th! OR…



What is the TMES STEM EXPO? The STEM Expo is an event for TMES designed by the PTA in conjunction with the school to provide an opportunity for TMES K-2nd grade students to explore their interests using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) outside of the classroom as an individual or small group. Students can either create an invention that works to solve a problem or present a more traditional science project. These projects will be displayed in the All-Purpose-Room on the evening of April 11th during the STEM EXPO. Also at the EXPO, the PTA will be providing fun hands-on science activities and demonstrations for all TMES students who attend whether they are bringing a project or not. In previous years, the 3rd-5th grade has participated in a traditional Science Fair on the same evening. Last year, the entire school presented STEM-based projects as part of the school’s NEW “Invention Convention”. The guidelines for the 3rd-5th grade individual projects have been updated to align with the current Science curriculum and new this year, K-2nd grade will also have projects from in-class group work on display. These guidelines will come home with 3-5th graders from their teachers. These projects will be displayed in the GYM on April 11th in conjunction with the PTA’s STEM EXPO for parents and families to view. Are the K-2nd grade projects for the EXPO judged or graded? Projects created by K-2nd grade students will not be judged or graded. The TMES STEM Expo is not structured as a competition but rather an experience that the students can be proud to participate in. All students will receive positive feedback from parents and teachers who view their projects.

Web Resources:
Here are some examples of real student inventions:
Real Student Inventions
Here is just one of many websites with a number of experiments designed especially for Kindergarten students!
Kindergarten Science Experiments.html
More Science experiment resources for kids:
Science Fair Project Ideas
Science Experiments
Public Library:
MCPL Science Project Resource Page
A simple search for “science projects” returns over a 1000 titles – the library is a great resource for finding a simple age-appropriate science project for your child!
Click here to do a sample search through MCPL!
Hint: Eliminate searching through the stacks and use the online catalog. Place a hold on the book you want – it will be delivered to your closest library and will be ready and waiting for you to pick it up!  You can also “look inside” many books on Amazon too to decide if it has what you’re looking for.
Other STEM opportunities
The Montgomery County Public Library also hosts many STEM events and activities that you can participate in: