Thurgood Marshall Elementary School PTA

October 28th

Arte Flamenco

Come enjoy the beautiful, fiery Flamenco music and dance of the Spanish Gypsies. Ricardo and Sara will present to you their authentic interpretations of the music and dance of the Gypsy people from the southern part of Spain called Andalucía. We will explore a bit of Flamenco and Gypsy origins and migration from North Western India to the Iberian Peninsula and the influences of the North African Moors and Sephardic Jews.

February 24

Into the Great Unknown: African American Adventurers and Explorers

Smithsonian Discovery Theater
Leadership, courage and adventure take the stage in this inspiring new play from the Smithsonian highlighting the history and heroism of adventurers and explorers such as Matthew Henson and Barbara Hillary, Arctic explorers; Stagecoach Mary of the wild, wild west; Guion Bluford, first Black astronaut; and Sophia Danenburg, modern mountaineer and first African American to climb Mt. Everest.”