Thurgood Marshall Elementary School PTA


Madre Africa- African Heritage in Latin America

In the PTA's first Cultural Arts Assembly for 2018-2019,Cantare will be coming to entertain TMES students!
Learn how African cultures influenced and inspired fascinating rhythms, instruments and musical styles, such as candombe, festejo, tango, and salsa. As we travel through South America and the Caribbean, hear how each country developed its own blend of cultural and religious traditions while sharing a similar African heritage. Tracing migration through music, geography and social studies become lively subjects that are especially relevant in today’s diverse school and work environments! This fast paced musical tour is interactive with clapping, dancing and African-style call and response. Audience members can join the group on stage to try instruments and dance steps.

Spring 2019


Three members of Russian dance, song and music ensemble Barynya perform school assembly/community concerts. The program includes famous Russian table song “Father Frost” (“Oi, Moroz, Moroz”) with accompaniment of garmoshka, “Balalaika Medley”, “Moscow Nights”, “Korobushka”, “Kalinka”, “Nanaisky Siberian Wrestling Dance”, Khorovod song and dance “Metelitsa” (“The Snowstorm”), “Russian Chicken dance” (Танец маленьких утят), “Russian dance lesson”, “Russian Alphabet lesson”, Russian Gypsy Roma song and dance “Dark Eyes” (“Очи Черные”), “Chardash” (balalaika solo, instrumental), “Tanets Medvedya” (Dance of the Russian Bear), “Russian Percussian Orchestra”, “Russian Tongue Twisters” (русские скороговорки), and Ukrainian traditional song and dance “Pidmanula”.